SEO plans for news release

News releases are helpful in promoting a business or product and they can also be used as part of your SEO campaign. Search engine optimized news can gain you the much needed ranking similar to good content. But it is more than just adding keywords to your news article, it should be natural and informative.

Here are some of the tips to create SEO friendly press release:

Short Headlines

Headlines grab the attention of the readers so it’s necessary to make them crisp and clear with Zonaid Seo. You don’t need to stuff them with keywords but should entice the reader and add few keywords only if they go well along the sentence. Search engines show only first 30 to 40 characters of the headlines in search.

Sub Titles

You can add all the additional important information in subtitles which cannot be cramped into headlines. They keep the floe of reading from headlines into the articles.

Keep it simple

Make the content readable and easy to understand. Break into small and readable paragraphs. News article should be easy to go through and get the important points.  

Press releases are themselves an attention grabbers because when newspapers or magazines publish them they add to your Dallas Seo Agency under popularity. When the news publishers link back to you or you add a link to the article in your site they will increase the popularity. Make sure when any news article is published about your organization your link is attached to it. This is a great way to link building as well.


SEO hacks for marketers

SEO is a huge process with a wide range of techniques available. However there are certain quick hacks which are very necessary and give you good results

1.     Mobile optimization

Google ranks mobile compatible site better than non compatible ones, this is called the mobilegeddon strategy. This change is made because most people use smart phones for searches and this number is steadily increasing. Use Google’s mobile friendly test to know whether you site is mobile compatible or not.

Create a site map

Site map helps search engine crawlers information regarding the pages that belong to the site. XML site maps can be used for this purpose.

Search console

Verify your website by signing up with Google search console or Bing web master tools. The crawlers will move through the site maps and chose to add or test sitemap, follow the further instructions prompted

Site speed

Check your site speed in Google analytics. The time taken for your site to load is an important factor that determines your SERP. Customer prefers sites which load faster and conversion rate goes down by 7 percent if your site loads slowly.

Google crawl

If Google is not crawling your website then your webpage will not be displayed in search results. After submitting your site to search console keep checking crawl error report whether there is any problem in crawling your webpage.

Duplicate or missing data

Run your own crawler to check if there is any missing or duplicate data in your site

Some of the common data errors are:

404 errors

Duplicate pages

Missing H1 and H2 tags

Missing Alt tags

Use this information to rectify errors.

These are some of the popular and must do hacks which can make a huge difference to your website rank.    


Link building and content writing can be done hand-in-hand

Link building and content marketing are two different activities with different scope and approach. However they are related activities and can be done together.

 A compelling article is necessary to gain good links to the site. When you have written up useful information people would add that link to their website which in turn is very helpful to you. If you link other websites or blogs to your content which is popular you will gain a good relationship with the link owner, which in future will garner links from that site. This relationship becomes a mutual growth.

Also writing articles for guest blogs or submission in various forms help build links. Writing posts for social media campaign earns follow up links and good ones are shared by many people.

Write articles that build lasting relationships with customers and make them come to you again. Articles should be entertaining and knowledgeable. Write contents which provide solutions to people search queries. These articles are the badge for a company’s reputation.

And when articles or news are published about your organization make sure your link is attached in it. Have regular conversations with blog owners who link back to you; this is a mutual understanding which will go a long way in promotions.

When you are marketing a complicated product write articles on how to use them or their purpose from a customer perspective rather than a sales edge. Get linked to niche blogs which particularly describe products that you sell, to spot those blogs do long-tail keyword search.